Saturday, February 14, 2004

Subject: [nh911] Valentine's Day......"It ain't over til it's over"

John has been back in Miami for over a week now and a lot has happened including his arrest by Miami police which was initiated from a complaint from an unknown source in New Hampshire. I'll refrain from discussing the legal ramifications but John did want me to tell you that when he was arrested in his bathrobe Monday night he was in the company of an illegal German alien who was fixing John's air conditioner and he stated that watching John being dragged out of his apartment in his bathrobe by two of Miami's finest (KGB), reminded him of Communist East Germany where people were routinely arrested and disappeared in the middle of the night, this being the prime reason he left Germany in the first place. Witnessing this behavior was extremely alarming because he didn't think these kinds of things could happen in America. As far as this writer is concerned, this is a politcal arrest and political harassment and intimidation by our KGB style of government.

John was in jail overnight and I first heard about the arrest from David Kubiak who at the time he called, did not have much information. Since making bail John has called three time speaking once to Terry and twice to me and also sending an email update which I will include in this letter.

John continues to work on the book and the article for Playboy, and among his supporters there is a consensus that using the book as John's primary campaign tool is the best strategy that he can employ. John's politcal arrest on what he feels to be trumped up charges seems to have struck fear into the hearts of some former supporters who are now deserting what they percieve to be a sinking ship and are putting their faith in the same old establishment bullshit, but as Terry just stated to me in a passionate and doggedly determined manner, "it ain't f***in' over til it's over!" Terry and I both agree that the truth will out.

Update -- good Friday the 13th!!!
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 22:37:37 -0500

The House Judiciary Committee called back, finally, and is “expediting” a Justice Department investigation. I was asked to detail my “complaint” in an open letter to the 37 members of the committee, from both parties.

In addition, the Florida Attorney General gave me detailed instructions on how to fight back, including a registered letter to Jeb Bush expressing my concerns over his “conflict of interest” (brother to the Godfather). Pretty cool insight/advice from a Bush bureaucrat…must be something in the air about this family…

Last, UPI (as of this afternoon) has assigned their national security reporter to the story – finally. He is doing background research now, will do first story early next week.

I also got a killer young attorney, a kid I introduced to the South Beach club scene 4 years ago when he entered UM Law School. He graduated at top of his class…”I’ve got your back,” he says (name is Daniel Silver). He is going to have me declared indigent for legal purposes…

All in all, a good day for justice and the American Way. My fear has diminished, and I am ready for battle.

Most important, John McConnell remains strong in his faith – and feels we should now announce the Citizens Party on March 20 at UN for Earth Day. I now agree. “This is just like the things I’ve seen so many times in my life,” he said (of my SS detention and subsequent arrest). Once again, his timeless wisdom has prevailed…turns out I’m not so “special” after all. A long line of mistreated predecessors…more to come under Bush, I’m sure.

Please keep sending good thoughts our way.

I am going to win, in the names of all of us. Just watch. I am going to fight them to the death – and it will be their demise (legally, peacefully and within Thomas Jefferson’s guidelines for aggressive dissent).

Next week I invoke my hole card – Nelson Mandela himself. That should take Bush and the boys by surprise, eh???


Saturday, February 07, 2004

Hi John,
This letter will find you safe and sound back home in Miami and free to work on the next phase of your campaign which I define as a welcome and much-needed attempt to enlighten people about the illusion that they define as reality because they are stuck in their fear and into what is programmed into their heads.

Your attempt to destroy the illusion is the main reason that you and Dick Bosa and others are blacklisted from the corporate, controlled media who have an interest along with the globalists, to keep the illusion going. People who are trapped in this illusion or prison, are called sheep, but with every speech you made and every conversation that you engaged in here in NH during your month's stay, you were able to weaken the illusion and helped to create part of the new reality that is destined to replace it because I can see very definite signs of the sheep waking up.

In this sheep analogy, I see you as the head "ram" who has just spoken to the flock of sheep, saying; "Do you know what I've discovered? I found out that when they take us away in the truck that we are not going on vacation or being relocated to another pasture-what they actually do is take us to a big factory, slit our throats, drain our blood and cut us up into little pieces which are put in packages and we are sold as lamb chops." Of course this in unbelievable to the other sheep and they say; "Are you crazy, are you stark raving mad? They wouldn't do that to us!!!" Some of the sheep are still in denial and maybe some of the sheep are complicit in the globalist, fascist scheme to a limited, myopic extent and tell you to shut up because they might have a financial interest in the killing factory or in the fleet of trucks used to transport the sheep. But these sheep will soon learn that they really are not a part of the global elite but are instead just pawns in the grand illusion.

There are many people today exposing the illusion and telling the truth but you have just lived through it so I think your book, based on your actual experiences in the NH primary where your efforts were being thwarted at every turn by the local republicans and the local press and TV, will go far in exposing the truth for the sheep and will stave off the wholesale slaughter that the fascists have planned.

I am glad that you made it home and are getting some rest and I look forward to hearing about your progress and ideas for the book, which I think will be a smash hit and will make it to the NY Times best-seller list. Your public enemy no. 1 will eat crow or maybe a ton of sheep dip.

Still freezing in NH, your friend,

Friday, February 06, 2004

After achieving success with the Republican side of the House Judiciary Committee who will, under the direction of Rob Johnson, deputy counsel and Thad Bingel, investigator, launch an investigation with the FBI, John is on the train bound for Miami. John will submit his report to the House Judiciary committee on Monday and will be in close contact with the progress of the investigation. Bingel has already called Sgt. Volz of the Balt-Wash airport police who was caught in a lie. He then apologized to John about how he treated him.

John's plan now is one I've been pushing for: he will get some rest on the beach and work on the book which he says will be his primary campaign tool as he drops out of the R party and forms a new 3rd party called the "Citizens Party".

He wants me to give everyone his heartfelt appreciation and thanks for all the support and love that you've shown him. He is leading a crusade to return this country back to its' rightful owners and after going through hell in NH and then Washington I think that Miami train is on the right track because as soon as he gets some rest he will sharpen his pencil and wage this campaign in the way he knows best. He is a writer, an artist, a truth-teller and a patriot and he knows the pain, fear, frustration and also the dreams of his fellow citizens and that is more than enough to motivate and inspire him to focus on his dream of ending the fascist nightmare and restoring the will and strength of the people. We are being lied to, murdered, victimized and intimidated into submission, and John says, "I am forming the Citizen's Party for we, the people and it will include all the people, all races, all genders, liberals, conservatives, gay people, straight people, left-handed people, veterans--I love them all and they are my strength and they and their forefathers made this country great and I'll be damned if I will let this country sink into the mire of elitist corporatism led by a bunch of soul-less and gut-less cowards who would not lift a finger to defend the US in any of the wars they started."

Light your candles--this is our country!!!!!!

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