Saturday, January 31, 2004

Saturday, January 31
Day 27............The "Write" stuff

I talked to John twice today when he called me from his secret location on
the NH Seacoast. He is busy and I mean busy--I know him well enough now
to recognize when to leave him alone to focus on what he has to do.

He just called a few minutes ago and invited Terry and me to dinner
tomorrow where he will give me a copy of his book proposal. I don't
really know how an author works so it should be very interesting to see
John's outlines and ideas on the book.

It seems that he will be in Virginia, his home state, for the primary
there so I will be depending on Jerry to keep me posted on the Virginia

Not much else to report from here except that I am excited about John's
campaign and the idea of getting his message out through his journalistic
and writing skills because he has a unique ability to take everything in,
soak it up like a sponge, distill it and present it very clearly and
consisely with irrefutable facts and logic. The truth is rejected by the
NY Times, Miami Herald and all the 'republicrats' but I think the "Citizen
Truth Candidate" will be surprised at how much citizens will understand
now. Can I get an "Amen"?

Friday, January 30, 2004

Thursday, January 29
Day 25......."Imagine" and believe in miracles!

We've only just begun and John is the miracle man. After leaving Manchester yesterday morning and conferring with his core group on New Hampshire's Riviera, also known as the "Seacoast" area, John has renewed energy and enthusiasm and new ideas for the campaign that lies ahead.

John will drop out of the Republican party, where he never really belonged anyway, and is determined to form a new third party, independent of the the two "lesser evils" between which we are usually forced to choose. The ground swell for this new party will include very strong support from John McConnell, 88 year old American activist and national treasure and founder of Earth Day, as well as Darcy Richardson, former campaign manager for Eugene McCarthy, who is slated to be John's national campaign manager.
John has received scores of emails from all over the country, most notably from the Hennessey family in Texas, who claim no fondness for Bushoccio and who have pledged to organize for John in Dubya's home state.

John called me a few minutes ago and is asking that we all make it a point to visit www.vote-smart.org where you will find not only John listed as a candidate but you also can read the transcripts of his 9/11 speech and his "State of the Union" speech that was recorded here in NH on Jan. 26 and broadcast all over the state.

Last week, in a confidential memo that I wrote to John, I urged him to take a more unique approach to running and winning a national campaign by using the God-given talent that he has been blessed with. He is a journalist, a writer, a truth-seeker and a truth-teller. Do these words describe any of the other candidates or would the truth get in the way of their ambitions? These words describe none of the other candidates save Dennis Kucinich and I would urge him to take the same path that John is going to take and I'm sure John wouldn't mind me saying that. This literary path will involve John's writing articles for Playboy magazine and also a book for which he hopes to finalize a deal sometime in February with a trusted agent, Ian Klinert, with "The Literary Group" in New York.

Someone wrote or told John that I was disappointed in the turnout of the election as far as his campaign goes and I want to set the record straight right now that I was beside myself with happiness and pride for what John accomplished in 3 weeks with virtually no money and a small volunteer staff. I couldn't be more proud and happy--John is like the brother I never had and I was with him every step of the way and saw all the shit he went through to get his message out. I sent out an update 20 minutes after the polls closed telling everyone that John had already gotten 64 votes and if that was all he'd gotten I still would have been proud of him, but he got more than 10 times that amount. My only disappointment was with the stupid Republican voter sheep who threw their votes away on Democatic candidates--these votes didn't count in the election. There were thousands of useless votes that if they had gone to John, because he was a Republican would have put him over the top! And that is another reason to stay out of both of these fascist parties and become independent!

In the 60's there was an underground book circulating called "Fuck the System" with many tips on how to do it which I happily used. If you want to beat the system then you don't play by the system's rules because the bastards have rigged everything including all elections and have bought the media--I hope I'm preaching to the choir. The way to win for John is to expose the system, expose the lying rotten creeps who control and manipulate this country. John, the Bush/Nazi journalist and the 9/11 truth candidate will do just that in the way he knows best--telling and writing the truth. We can't compete with the millions and millions of dollars that Bush and the leading Dems have which is just to enable them to tell their lies to bigger audiences. But John can run a grassroots campaign which he hopes will grow, and he can get a book out before the election in November, based on his experiences here in NH and his experience as a journalist that will, as he says, "let all hell break loose". That's what it will take to fuck the system and I stand by my original title that I submitted to John for this book : "How I will win the Presidency in November". ........Imagine that!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

January 28, 2004
Day 24 Let the Frog March Begin...

"Frog march" is John's term but I like it and it describes what John and
Mayor Bosa are going to do now. This team is going to be unbeatable-they
are going to be working in the people's interests to frog march the
bastards back to Texas or whatever rat hole they crawled out from.

John and I are kindred spirits and I recognized that from hearing him for
just 5 minutes on Meria Heller's program back in October, I believe. I am
aloof and keep to myself most of the time but when I see someone like John
whose spirit is glowing with passion and fire, I am drawn to this person
and offer whatever help I can offer. John is focused and so am I and we
are both maniacs for causes and our respective passions in life. If I
asked John to play saxophone for a gig with me next week, he'd learn sax
but by next week he would know that in the best interests of my band he
would have to find me a good sax player like Ralf, in Germany, or Wayne
here in NH.

And now it is the same for me--I have to let John go on to fullfill his
destiny. I am sad because I have loved being with John for these 3 weeks
but he must go on to work with professionals in his field, people who will
help him take back our country, bring the criminals to justice for their
crimes against the people of the United States and their crimes against
humanity, worldwide. This is going to be the hardest job anyone has ever
done and in my language, I don't have the "chops". John needs lawyers,
honest senators, mayors, and people who know how to get things done--know
how the system works and will help John in his 'campaign' whether it leads
to the Presidency or to the end of the fascism we are now living under.
Make no mistake--NH was fixed in Dixville Notch--those people are the
poorest in the state and they vote for Bush---explain that one!!!!!!

I am sure John and Mayor Bosa will keep me informed because my biggest
pleasure now is informing other kindred spirits around the nation and
around the world of the work that is now being done in our name, until it
is finished and we have re-claimed our country
Tuesday, January 27
Day 23 Edging toward 600

My one useful TV channel that I get here without cable is just having the
usual pundit BS chat about how wonderful it is that Kerry won Iowa and NH.
ONly once did they put all 37 candidates on the screen and they did it in
what seemed to be a pained way as the newsjerk rolled his eyes. So I got
some other news from a yahoo site that seems to have quit updating
anything at 10:06pm and it won't refresh anything so my sources appear to
be tapped out for now. John is still downtown in the center of the action
and it is very hard to get him on the cell phone in that "electric"
atmosphere. Maybe I'll hear something from John soon and I'll get this
information to you. I know he has gotten more that the 588 votes that I
reported on earlier but I can't find out anything at this point.

Just talked to John who is still downtown and he wanted me to send this
out: As of now John is 2nd as Rep. Candidate under Bush. John as of this
minute 10:09pm. has 588 votes. He is excited and happy that his message is
getting out. 89 precincts have still not yet been counted and he needs a
10% vote to get a delegate.
Monday, January 26, 2004
Day 22.........Send Bush to Mars and Buchanan to the White House

After listening to John on Meria's show this morning where he announced
that his Vice President will be Meria Heller, I found out that John is
going to continue the fight if he has to be a third party candidate. I
think after tomorrow he will confer with John McConnell, the 88 y.o.
"Earth Day" founder who drafted him and also with Darcy Richardson, former
Eugene McCarthy campaign manager, and they will come up with a plan for
the future.

John came over to my apt. and I got in his old Honda with the heater and
we drove about a half mile and this thing started smoking and choking and
going into an automotive death rattle. Just before it gasped its' last
breath we pulled into a gas station where we let it die in peace. We were
going to call a cab but instead talked to a man who was pumping gas into
his car and John offered him some money if he would take us downtown to
the Holiday Inn where Radio Row was in progress and John was scheduled to
be interviewed. So we made the affair in time and then began the long
waiting process where John was interviewed by TV, radio and print news
people. In the actual Radio Row, which was just a small room, were the
Governor of NH, Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, John McCain, Pataki and the
rest of the Republican big guns who were up here to support the "unopposed

Standing in the lobby next to Radio Row we waited and waited and then
Hannity passed by and John and he had a few words leading up to the climax
where John called him a traitor to the Constitution. And to this Hannity
replied in a wimpy, weak voice, "you're rude". Not "you're wrong"! but
'You're rude". I almost fell down laughing at this little twit.

So it was getting to be close to 3:00 and John had a live radio show
scheduled for a radio station that covers MA and Rhode Island with 50,000
listeners in that area and also somehow is picked up by 80
countries--don't ask me how-ain't technology grand? This interview was
live with a call -in audience who were asking some tough questions which
John enjoyed answering and it must have gone on for 45 minutes. He did the
interview in a quiet part of the hotel and we sat with 3 technicians who
were doing some patching or something for NBC. They were interested in
what John was saying and I had a lot of fun kidding around with them. Our
governor, Craig Benson, (R) wandered down to our quiet end of the lobby
with his 2 body guards in seach of the MEN's room but when John saw him
and was still on the phone, he confronted the governor with phone in one
had and little tape recorder in the other and tried to ask him a question
for the listening audience - I couldn't hear what gov said but John ended
up calling him a traitor. As Gov rounded to corner to go down the corridor
to where the MEN's room was he must have been a little shaken and started
into the LADIE'S room whereupon his body guards re-directed him. Another
magical moment for me as I watched this scene--John missed it but it was funny.

If Bush is unopposed it seems very strange to see all these nervous Repug
politicians and there media stooges who all seem to know who John is. John
met Chris Matthews in the lobby and Matthews seemed to be the only fair
journalist there because he said he believed that John has as much right
to run as anyone else and so we liked him. And even he knew who John was
right away. So these Republicans and media are pretending that John
doesn't exist but they are walking into ladies rooms, bumping into walls,
getting nervous and flustered by John's presence, which leads me to the
next part of the story:

the people's airwaves--it belongs to the fascists only, who have the power
of life and death, truth and lies........Obviously John was pissed off
because we had been waiting for 3 hours and they were going to put McCain
on who just pranced in with his entourage. Well, John announced that he
was going to wait right there and interview McCain and get to the bottom
of things. So they called the hotel security, John was on the phone to
David Kubiak, I believe, asking his opinion on what to do and saying he
was prepared to go to jail over this. Another fascist moment where I found
out that "we the people" have absolutely no rights at all. We have no
rights to express our opinions on radio or TV unless they conform to the
party line and it seems the fascists have every right to keep anyone they
don't like from speaking the truth on what used to
be the public airwaves.

So we walked downstairs and who did we meet coming upstairs? Little big
man himself, Sen. McCain and John, ever-ready with his tape recorder,
asked this paragon of truth and virtue why he was in NH for Bush when he
had just said that he was embarrassed at Bush's State of the Union
address. McCain said, "I didn't say that". Or words to that effect--John
has it on tape.

After that we went to the bar and had a drink and a pizza and talked to
the people at the bar who seemed very open to what John was saying.

Terry picked us up and we were going to go home and have some of Terry's
red beans and rice (I lived in New Orleans for years so I added this and
grits to her culinary repertoire) BUT on the way John had a call from
Richard Bosa who had something else in mind for John tonight so we dropped
Terry off and I drove John to the hotel and returned home. John is dead
tired and just wants to sleep. But he seemed to feel an obligation to Bosa
to follow through. So he missed another of Terry's meals but at least we
had some pizza.

As you heard John say this morning on Meria's show, he declined the offer
to go into seclusion and is staying in town but he told me tonight he
wished he had gone to the country where he could rest.

If we win tomorrow I hope we can get some organization in the rest of the
states--I'm sure not worried about Arizona or New Mexico because Mimi and
Meria are in those states but we gotta get some more help when we get to
MA and other places. John is not going to quit even if he becomes third
party. From the people we talked to around here I think John has a damn
good chance because NH people are independent thinkers and voters. Maybe
people are waking up.....? I hope so.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Sunday, January 25
Day 21......As I see it

This campaign is taking a big toll on everyone who is involved in it,
especially Terry, whose medical problems are now exacerbated and she is in
great pain. She's had 2 operations since I've known her in the past year
and a half which have been attempts to keep her out of a wheel chair.
Terry fights hard but is in great pain and cannot sleep.

She and I talk about the fact that the campaign is not focused or
directed. To be effective the campaign should be professionally managed
and all activites, meetings, media interviews and campaign appearances
should be screened and organized to get the most out of them. But we have
not had the money and this is grassroots all the way. John's message as
the Bush/Nazi candidate, the 9/11 truth candidate, the anti-globalist,
anti-corporatist, and the candidate speaking against the censorship of the
media and the candidate speaking against the great losses of jobs, is
getting lost and things are becoming fragmented because there is no one to
truly step up to the plate who has the professional know-how to run this
campaign for maximum effectiveness and will stay with John everyday to
just allow him to speak. There are 2 days left here in NH and John has
done a good TV speech for Monday; he has the bravest and most sincere
patriotism that I've ever seen but I don't know if this is enough
to be effective in a controlled, fascist society that we have now. John
has accomplished more than anyone could believe but his voice has not
been heard as far as it should be.

Everything I've written about John and this campaign has been honest and
sincere and I started this with him as a novice, with absolutely no
political experience but at the end of the campaign I can see now that
lack of money, lack of guidance and direction and the fact that John has
to do everything by himself without a big pro staff like the Dems have is
going to take its' toll. I believe the voters of NH have an idea of what
John stands for because ot the many radio interviews but I don't know how
they will vote--we still raise sheep up here in NH, just like the other 49
states do.

I see John's campaign as a last ditch effort by a grassroots candidate to
re-claim the country for 'we the people'. If the people of NH do not
support these valiant efforts at the polls then God help this country
because no one will ever step up to do this again for us. If you are a
professional in politics, journalism, management, public relations etc and
you think you can help John in these final hours, then fly up to NH and
let us try to restore the honor and dignity of this country before it is
too late and the constitution becomes a relic of the past.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

1/24/04 Saturday
Day 20.......Cops, FBI , the usual GOP headquarter's lies

So far I've not seen John today and it is now 6:30 pm. I've talked to him
on the phone many times today as plans changed and he filled me in.

It seems that Jane Millerick's complaint had nothing to do with John
entering her office but everything to do with him being on Canadian radio
after that encounter and telling listeners to call Jane. And did they
call!!!! She said so many calls came in that her office could not
function in their usual Republican, repugnant way.

John asked me to call Sgt. Baker at the Concord police dept. and he
informed me that John was not under arrest and that the police were just
asking questions. If Bush is running unopposed then why are these Repugs
acting so worried and frantic? And why did Jane refuse to let John into
her office? We had called about an hour or so previous to the visit and
one of the staff told us that John would be able to display his platform
and any literature that he may have and yet John was prevented from
entering the office, was told repeatly that this Rep. headquarters only
supports Bush, was being intimidated by 2 thugs. Is this a subversion of
John's Constitutional rights? I don't know, but now John has called in the
FBI to investigate.

Unopposed? Dig this: !!!BULLETIN!!!
"Rove/Bush Buchanan Damage Brigade Arrives in NH In addition to John
McCain, Rudy Giuliani, George Pataki and Mitt Romney, Ed Roscoe
(Bush/Cheney US Campaign Chair) and RNC Chair Ed Gillespie have also come
to NH to campaign for Bush. When asked why all the muscle for an
"unopposed" campaign, an NH GOP Committee spokesperson said, "Well, there
are other names on the ballot." Check their frantic schedules at the Bush
NH campaign office 603-625-2874 or (partially) at:

I think John may be going to where this "damage brigade" is hanging out
tonight which may either be in Manchester or in Nashua or both. Terry and
I invited John over for dinner tonight and he said he would be here about
8:00 so if there is any more news I will add another part to this update.
But anything may happen and more opportunities may appear for John so we
will keep the dinner warm. Dinner is chili tonight and if John has been
out in this 0 degree weather for very long he is going to need some of
Terry's 5 alarm chili and homemade cornbread.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Day 19………Addenda……Inspired by John’s Speech…..

You can fuckin' win in Novemeber even if you don't campaign another
day!!!! You win by doing what you do best--writing. You have enough
information now to declare that you can win and spell it out for all to
read. Name all the names, expose the lies, deceit, tricks, censorship etc
that goes on. You are the People's candidate and you are doing this for
the people who will buy your book. When you win this book becomes a
bestseller all over the world and is now worth billions. I've always
wondered why name politicians never do a damn thing for the people and
then when they decide to run all of a sudden they become so altruistic and
try to kiss up to the people whom they despise anyway... But you've been
working for the people all along. Your book will se a sensation if you
declare that you will win and believe it--that is worth 20 million votes
right there. Tell your publisher that your book will expose everything and
enumerate in detail all the shit that goes on and how you as a
grassroots candidate have overcome the odds and the rotten corporate
system---if he has any sense he will see this book as a blockbuster with
an unheard of potential. the time is right--everything in the cosmos is
lining up in your direction and to declare yourself a winner in November
is to break the back of the fucking system--everyone will buy your book.
It would be brash, bold, nervy, gutsy, truth-telling and would finally
wake the goddamn sheep up. This is your destiny.

1/23/04 – Friday
Day 19........"John's JFK moment"…

Today we went to the studios of WNDS-TV in Derry, NH, arriving a little
past one o'clock, where John taped a half hour speech which will be aired
Monday morning at 7:30.

John looked very presidential and to me a bit like Reagan on the TV
screen, as he asked the voters in NH to cross party lines and come to the
aid of a sick and ailing country. He said all the things that would appeal
to both liberals and conservatives, often calling the Republican party the
party of Lincoln and inserting timely quotes from Thomas Jefferson, Mark
Twain and even Ross Perot.

John nailed this speech in one take and spoke slowly, concisely and very
obviously from the heart. John spoke of 9/11 and how the country has been
forever changed and how he wanted to "replace fear with hope" and that the
only way that could happen was for all voters, no matter their party
affiliation, to vote their conscience. John wanted people to feel that
they have an alternative to what has been going on in Washington for the
last 4 years. As the "Peoples Truth Candidate" he came off extremely well
as being sincerely interested in the people's interests and not his own
interest. And this is the difference between John, the deep-thinking
citizen-journalist and the slick, phony politicians whom we see and hear
every 4 years who suddenly want us to believe in their altruism and deep
concern for the little people whom they secretly loathe and despise. John
wants us to think back to our revolutionary roots and take it upon
ourselves to change the course of history as our forefathers
did before us. In his speech John beseeches us as citizens to become
empowered and accept and carry the mantle of personal responibility.


Terry and I just returned from a "Take back the media" forum and TV taping
whose mission seemed to be to come to NH to provide real news about the
primary. We were treated to Robert Greenwald's film "Uncovered; The Truth
About The War In Iraq". The film exposed all the lies about WMD's and the
oft-repeated line that served as a motif throughout the film: "We're
afraid that the smoking gun is going to turn into a mushroom cloud".

John was interviewed by the panel and this was taped for broadcast for
"Take back the Media". He was allowed about 3-4 minutes and was very
effective in getting his message across to the audience which was small
(about 30 people) but very much into the truth and I would categorize this
audience as being progressive. The event was held at the Unitarian
Universalist church in Manchester.

The name of the woman who runs the Republican joint in Concord is Jane
Millerick and John told me tonight that she filed assault charges on John
yesterday. John spoke to the cops and told me his witnesses, including the
reporters who were there and Terry and myself plus his mini tape recorder
will dispute these charges and will in fact put Jane in jail tomorrow. You
don't push John around-he takes names and numbers and he doesn't forget!

John will be leaving his hotel tomorrow and will be the guest of a Vietnam
era veteran survivalist in an undisclosed location. These steps are
necessary now to protect John and it is wonderful that he is getting
support from NH veterans. These vets all have guns and know what to do
with them and certainly seem to know that Bush is the real enemy. I heard
tonight that Iraq is close to civil war and that the UN says 200,000 more
troops are needed to keep the peace. After being involved in this campaign
for almost a month I can see the possibility of civil disobedience and
revolution right here in Amerikka. The only trouble is that liberals and
progressives are not organized. Maybe the vets are getting organized
because they sure seem to be getting mad. The moderator and one of the
founders of TBTM was a Vietnam era veteran who obviously feels very
strongly about getting the truth which is censored in the mainstream
media, out to the people in the hope that we will wake up, accept the
truth and vote out the criminal regime in Washington.

Terry has helped tone down my guerilla approach and anarchistic tendencies
but as Albert Finney said in "Network": "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going
to take it anymore".

And you?

Day 18.....amusing addendum....

Amusing addendum: (Terry will add this since I was taking a break when
this happened.)At one point in the afternoon's activities, Brian went out
for a little fresh air, leaving me (Terry) alone at the Buchanan table.
Our easel advertisement and Bushocchio blow-up doll drew the attention of
a pack of frat-rats (as we used to call the fraternity boys low these many
moons ago when I attended Keene State). They particularly liked little
Bushocchio, and one of them asked if he could have one. I informed him
that he could have the doll, if he agreed to two conditions.....they were:
Display Bushocchio in a prominent place on campus, and chant, "Bush lies!"
as they left the building. They were only too happy to comply and went on
their merry way, saying, "Way cool!" The frat rat with the doll also
started marching away in a drum major-like manner, chanting, "Bush lies!"
at the top of his lungs! Ah! Youthful enthusiasm......mostly likely fueled
with a healthy dose of reefer!!!

1/22/04 - Thursday
Day 18.......Kudos in Keene......Confrontation in Concord

We went to Keene in style in a big van with all the amenities and a
driver who came out of his anonymous role and showed "keen' interest in
what John was doing at Keene State today and was very interested in
reading John's Bush/Nazi story. The town hall type meeting was set for 12
noon at the student union center and Terry and I set up shop at a table in
front of Lantern room of the Young student center. We had literature about
John and were accompanied by the famous "Bushoccio" who gathered lots of
attention as we directed the students into the room. We did not hear
anything of what John said or the questions that were asked because we
wanted to fill the room and make this a success. But John said he recieved
some interesting questions about 9/11 and also many questions about the
meltdown of the economy and how this affects the job prospects of Keene
State graduates who seem to fear a future of saying, "would you like fries
with that order?" If nothing else they went away in awe of a presidential
candidate who dared to tell them the truth and made them think.

While we were there Terry made a call to the Keene Sentinel newspaper, said
she was a graduate of Keene State and was shocked that they were not
covering John's campaign. They had a reporter at Keene State in 10 minutes
who interviewed John along with a free-lance reporter from Buffalo whose
articles are printed in 20 different papers.

Terry also called Republican headquarters in Concord and expressed
disappointment at the lack of attention/representation given to John. They
said that they would be happy to display John's literature at the
headquarters. So we drove from Keene to Concord and as we were parking we
noticed a local TV news crew and John offerered them an interview and a
chance to come into the Republican Headquarters for a story, which they
did, along with Terry, Greg, the limo driver, the Buffalo reporter, myself
and Bushoccio which John was going to present as a gift to Jane, the
chairperson to whom John had previously spoken and requested that she read
his platform and the Bush/Nazi story.

Jane wanted to have this conversation at the doorway and not in her office and immediately let it
be known that her headquarters supports Bush and Bush only because as she
said, "there are no other serious candidates". To me this means that she
thinks any other Republican candidate is a bum and I believe her attitude
was insulting from the start. John, the quite serious, hard-working, 3-4
hours-of-sleep-a-night candidate was insulted because I'm sure Bush or
Cheney would have been invited to her office.

She kept saying that it is "our right to endorse whomever we choose" and that they are "no other
serious candidates in the Republican party".

This is like saying that there are no other serious journalists except the ones on the 6:30 evening
news and that people who actually report the truth like Meria Heller do not count. The corporate whores on network TV and radio wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass. So John is pissed off and so am I.

Jane told John to leave and emphasized this by bringing out 2 burly bodyguards.
John dared them to touch him and all the while had his mini tape recorder
going and the Buffalo reporter was taking notes. The 2 local TV guys left
after things began getting playful. Then Terry and Greg, the limo driver,
left. Bushoccio and I stayed observing the whole thing and getting an
education in how the One World Order works, how censorship is condoned and
practiced and how imtimidation is used to shut people up. Well, John was
not intimidated and is not going to shut up!

We left the office to meet with Dick Bosa who was just a couple of doors
away and told John he should go home and rest before the political forum
he is having tonight in Nashua. So we proceeded to the van and noticed a
police cruiser double parked in front of Kerry headquarters, one door down
from the Republican headquarters. The cop was just coming out of Kerry's
headquarters but we figure that Jane called the cops and the cops assumed
the "troublemakers" were democrats. So we don't actually know if they were
looking for John, but it is a pretty good bet that they were.

Ilene Proctor quit today saying that "John is pissing off the world and
she refuses to be affliliated with a negative campaign". John said that
this is the time to piss off the world and is a good thing because it
might wake them up so he said bye-bye to Ilene.

Our big gun Republican who was going to come and campaign with John this
weekend will not be coming because even though he is well-known and
controversial and could get press, he is a known bigot, and we decided we
don't need this kind of publicity or help and do not want to be associated
with any kind of hate-type campaign. We've come this far on our own

John will be working on a speech for WNDS -TV for Monday. He will tape
this paid advertisement which will be aired twice on Monday. He was
thinking about getting a Republican type haircut for this and I've been
trying to talk him out of that but we'll see what happens. I don't really
know what a Republican haircut is but I'm sure I wouldn't like it any more
that a Republican button-down shirt. I think of people with this severe,
constipated look who were toilet trained at gunpoint and I don't think this
image fits at all with John's campaign.

1/21/04 - Wednesday
Day 17…….Scooping NBC aka "Now Be Censored"….And some exciting news today.

John came over to my apartment early this afternoon with the news that NBC
was going to follow John around in the last few days of the campaign in NH
and report on the Republican "Truth Candidate" who is challenging Bush.
They were going to send a camera crew and this would be reported by Tom
Brokaw. Then they asked John if he was the reporter who broke the
Bush/Nazi story and when John confirmed this they immediately told him
that they changed their mind and would not do the story on John. Just like
many people in this country I have been connecting the dots from A to Z,
and this censorship confirms the fascist dictatorship that we live in and
explains the cheers and standing ovations that John gets when he talks
about "ending the corporate stranglehold on politics and government and
reforming the media for a better-informed populace, before it is too

John is the only hope that this country has because John is "truth" and to
me this country is not worth living in as a fascist dictatorship. If this
country is not taken back and restored to the people as Thomas Jefferson
intended it to be, because of government and media censorship and public
apathy, fear and stupidity, then Terry and I will become ex-patriots
because you can’t sweat blood and tears in a fight like this and then
forget about it. If people want fascism and don’t "give a shit" as my
sister told me, then they deserve what they get.

But it is not all gloomy! We have a benefactor who is renting a Lincoln
Town car and driver for us tomorrow to take us to Keene State College,
Terry’s Alma Mater, where instead of a speech John is doing a "town hall"
type meeting and interest is so great that they had to move the meeting to
a larger hall. Students are coming from other colleges like Dartmouth, by
bus to hear John. John gave me the assignment of calling colleges and
Terry and I were very pleased that Keene State was so enthusiastic in
wanting John to speak.

Lastly, there may be a MAJOR nationally known political figure who MAY be
coming up to NH this weekend to support and campaign with John. This would
blow your minds if I was allowed to give a name but John swore me to
secrecy until this is confirmed. If he or she, jumps on this bandwagon
with John then Bush and the rest of the lying, fascist, nazi, censoring
weasels are history!

1/20/04 - Tuesday
Day16......May I have your comment, Mr. Buchanan?

All I know know is that John is on the phone replying to requests for
comments. I am scheduled to go with John and a Time Magazine reporter, to
Keene, NH tomorrow morning to help prepare for John's speaking
engagement/debate. Unless John has time to call me back tonight, I will
wait until tomorrow for his comment about the State of the Union address
and will report on this on Day 17. I think it is more important that John
talk to the real reporters tonight--this is what he has been working
toward in the last 2 weeks.

1/19/04 - Monday
Day 15......There is nothing easy about this campaign

Things change very quickly here and what seems like a promising,
productive encounter is replaced by another opportunity which looks
better. And that is what happened this morning when I got a call from John
who said that instead of going to Concord he was headed to Portsmouth with
Richard Bosa who has the inside track in NH politics and media. John asked
me to make some calls to Miami for him which I did and then a few minutes
later he called back saying that his hotel was going to throw him out. He
got this call while on the road from a man and his family living in the
hotel whom John had helped with $100 even though John is broke. That is
the kind of man John is. Anyway when he told me this story about the hotel
throwing him out (they are getting ready for media people this week and
the hotel is booked) I saw red. I am not a hothead and I control my temper
but when a friend is threatened I don't see any options and if it wasn't
for the cool head of David Kubiak, I'd be writing
this update from jail tonight. I called David in Maine and somehow this
problem got sorted out and the crisis was over.

David has years and years of political experience and knows what to do. He
has many options and connections and can get things done. John is a
journalist and a great orator and has many options. But I, like so many
other citizens sometimes feel powerless at the lack of options I have and
if a friend says he is in trouble then all I know to do is to go to that
source of trouble and confront it.

I have not heard from John since this morning but I think Portsmouth was
where he was supposed to be because Bosa has connections there and is on
our side. I had a meeting with Bosa the other day and he outlined the
events and ideas he had in mind that would really help the campaign so I
trust that. From what I understand NH Secy. of State Gardener will be on a
local radio program tomorrow where the debate challenge that John and Mark
Babawi of Houston radio issued to Karl Rove and Bush last week from
Houston, will be re-iterated.

When I get angry I am careless and am writing now with a sprained finger
and knuckle. And here is the main source of my anger, and I'll bet many
people can identify with this: One of the people my updates go to is my
sister, Aileen(aka Lee)Lamar. I write her because she and her husband live
with my 87 year old mother in Florida and I want my mother to know the
truth but now my sister demands that I stop sending the updates and here
is a direct quote from her letter:"..........I don't care for politics, I
am one of the silent majority of hard working people who don't have the
time or inclination to think about national or world issues. I have enough
stress in my home, work and health to worry about that STUFF. In my spare
time, I look forward to making plans of fun, not worrying about anything
else. Yes, I am shallow and selfish in the world of Politics. In other
words, I don't give a shit !!!!!!! So please remove me off your political
list"........... How many people can relate to this? And how many people
express the same sentiments? They are not only part of the problem
--they ARE the problem. Yes, this edition is personal today and I am angry
at people like this because nothing in this campaign is easy and John is
fighting to get the truth out. And I just heard that the 9/11 commission
will not be extended past May.

And I see these stupid flags and these stupid signs that say "9/11, we will never forget"
and then "Support the Troops". And these idiots have not the first clue about
who is responsible for 9/11......Yes, I've lost it today. I'm going to
have a drink and chill out. More tomorrow,

1/18/04 - Sunday
Day 14......Well fed and self propelled

We had soup to nuts here tonight for John: on the menu was Terry's spicy
baked cod, O'Brien potatoes, homemade pineapple cole slaw, fresh asparagus
with hollandaise sauce served with a nice California Pinot Grigio and for
dessert we had espresso chocolate truffle cake with butterscotch sauce and
whipped cream and Terry's blend French press coffee.

While I had John here I showed him a couple of videos of the band I had in
New Orleans which included Bobby LaCour on guitar, former sideman with
B.B. King. John also plays guitar and loves jazz and blues so I hope there
will be some musical changes in the White House for formal dinners and
ceremonies. Let the Marine band go play somewhere else for people who are
into military, martial, brass band music and don't mind being regimented,
controlled, manipulated and deprived of originality, freedom of expression
and freedom of speech.

The good news is that John has a car, courtesy of David Kubiak. It is a
"late model, non-descript Honda with 250,000 miles". But it works and has
heat!! John is picking me up tomorrow at 10am for a march on the
statehouse in Concord. It should be fun driving with John because he says
he "drives like a maniac, and I drive like his grandmother". Well, I don't
like driving-didn't own a car til I was 26 years old and am basically a
city boy who would rather walk or take the bus.

John started off his day by going to New England College in Henniker, NH
to participate and to speak, he thought, at the "People's Primary". He was
informed by a coed that their policy was not to allow any candidates to
speak because they didn't endorse any candidate in particular. He was
referred to "Nathan", a rather stodgy, uptight egghead/professor who
maintained that John could not speak but would be allowed to set up camp
in the hallway if he wished. After spouting a little righteous indignation
at N a t h a n, John decided to just let it go and have a seat and see
what happened. To his delight John found that people were being drawn to
him like a magnet. The crowd he drew included people of all ages, from a
16 y.o. high school kid to an 84 y.o. woman and from this crowd came many
volunteers who will join us at the State House in Concord tomorrow. John
was especially moved when he spoke to the 16 y.o. boy who in a private
aside, told him that since 9/11 he had been terrified,
but after listening to John he felt that he had reason to hope again.

John has a possible running mate from MA who has a new and interesting
platform plank which includes shutting down the government by having at
least 10% or 30 million people stop paying taxes in a no taxation without
representation movement, rejecting the present government outright and
demanding that we start again from scratch. The platform also includes a
New Constitutional Convention beginning July 4, 2004 where one million
people will occupy Washington until the November election.

I showed John the update I wrote yesterday evening and he was moved by it
and sent it out to all his journalistic contacts. Inspired by John's
campaign, I am an observer and a truth-teller and my mission is to
describe as accurately and honestly as I can, what is going on in this
unique campaign that is being waged solely for the people of this country
who have lost their voices, have lost hope, have lost a feeling of
security and safety and yearn for a leader who will return control of the
government to its rightful owners, we the people.

So John drove off in the moonlight in his little Honda car with the
heater, well-fed and rested for a new week of surprises.

Day 13...Evening Edition.....
"Once more into the breach, dear friends"

This campaign to me resembles the Alamo or the Battle of Hastings and John
is Davy Crockett and Henry the V all rolled into one, overcoming
tremendous odds. As far as staff here in Manchester, Terry and I are it. I
drive John around and we must attend to clerical errands and chores that
must be done when we have money. John does not complain about this and
takes it in stride but it really bugs his little staff that we don't have
an office, someone to answer the telephone and do all the things that the
other candidates take for granted are being done with the millions of
dollars they have raised. And this campaign seems to go 24 hours a day and
I don't know how John can keep doing it. Tomorrow I am kidnapping him and
getting him away from his phone and his word processor and giving Kinkos a
break and we are going to have John eat a home-cooked meal and we ain't
gonna talk about politics for at least 20 minutes. We'll have a nice time
and relax and watch a video or play Boggle or Monopoly but we're we are
going to relax because next week is the last week we have. McCain is coming
up here, paying $1800 a day to ride around in a bus and try to dominate the
media for Bush. And even this doesn't phase John--he'll keep fighting til his
last breath against all the odds and I think that is because he believes he
has no choice but to fight. What choice did ol' Davy have? If John isn't a
true American hero then I don't know what a hero is.

We have made great progress in just 13 days-it is really unbelievable what
John has done with so little and I can't think of anyone else I know who
could do what John is doing. He is doing everything !! While Dean and
Clark and the rest of the pampered few are riding around in limos and
chartered planes and not even breaking a sweat. If John can do all this
and not complain then what kind of a President do you think he would make?
He is a hands-on guy, and take-charge guy and a know-where-I'm-going guy
and the man I most admire today for his courage, patriotism and a stubborn
refusal to give in to the great odds against him.

Let this report go out far and wide-tell the people that John is defending
the Alamo and will not quit on this country or its' citizens.

1/17/04 - Saturday
Day 13--Morning edition......Campaigning

Day 13 is barely started but we'll be campaigning at different restaurants
and popular spots in Manchester and Concord today.

John called this morning and said he is down to his last $26 and
desperately needs help. All his staff are unpaid and overworked but are
gung-ho and optimistc because of the success John is having in NH and the
coverage he is beginning to get around the country. I just noticed this
morning that dem-daily has 2 articles on John. Bush is getting worried and
is sending his henchmen up here to NH with the strategy of dominating
media coverage.

John still calls the NY Times "Public Enemy No. 1" His long threatened
showdown with his hometown paper, The Miami Herald, is going to come to a
head next week with an interview with a South Florida radio station. John
asks everyone to email or call the editor of the Miami Herald to express
support for John's campaign and outrage at the media for lack of coverage
and news blackouts. The editor is Tom Fiedler and can be reached at
305.350.2111 or emailed at fiedler@herald.com

Please help John at http://johnbuchanan.org/ or email him directly at

1/16/04 - Friday
Day 12........Breaching the Beltway - Melting the Matrix

Big news from Houston and Manchester: Ilene Proctor lined up an interview
this morning with Mark Babawi, a British broadcaster working for an
independent radio station in Houston, TX. John was such a hit that Mark
kept him on for an extra hour. During the interview Mark proposed an idea
to the radio audience and John, involving a one-on-one debate between
Buchanan and Bush, hopefully to take place at Keene State College in
Keene, NH, where John is scheduled to speak next week. John says that if
this location is not acceptable to Bush, "I will challenge his fascist ass
anywhere he likes".

If the Chickenhawk does not show up the debate will be televised using a
cardboard cut-out of Bush or as I've recently learned, a Bush impersonator
may be used in his stead. John and Babawi reckon that Bush is history no
matter how he responds. Babawi called Karl Rove this afternoon to set up
the challenge and debate. What has Bush to fear from a journalist from
Miami? If he chickens out as is expected, this will be reported not only
by yours truly but all the major media. Other than a 5 minute opening
statement there will be no ground rules. Moderator, members of the panel
are all open. John only asks to be treated equally. In the last 9 days
John Buchanan has had more interviews than all the other candidates
combined and has earned the right to debate Bush one on one. Buchanan will
come to the debate without any notes, without any jackbooted body guards,
without any handlers. But John is taking the gloves off and will
bare-knuckle the truth to the world. As John says, "If he
debates me he is finished; if he chickens out he is committing political
suicide". So for John and the country this is a win-win situation.

And now to the lightside of the news: A toy company has donated a boxload
of inflatable "Bushoccio" dolls to the campaign. The little rascal, that
stands about 2 feet tall and has a 6 inch nose, is being displayed on the
ledge of my living room window. He is attired in his famous flight suit
with a gas mask under his arm and on the back is a well-written sign that
says, "Impeach Me". He is cute and I really do think that he should make
an appearance at the debate and I'll suggest this to John. The campaign
needs donations in a big way and I'll also suggest that John give a
"Bushoccio" to donors. But we ain't got no stinkin' tote bags.

There is also a new petition that just came out for Buchanan for
President. I saw it at Kinkos when John was checking his email. I don't
know who started it but I'll forward it to Meria--maybe she can send it
out and shed some light on who may have originated it.

As you may already know, John's idol is Eugene McCarthy, who took down
Pres. Johnson in 1968 and John's dream is to do the same to Bush this
year. Darcy Richardson, former campaign manager for Eugene McCarthy has
endorsed John and has contributed $500 to the campaign.

I leave you with a plea from John to call the White House and demand that
Pres. Bush debate John Buchanan and with a call for help for John in any
way you are able to do it.

Reporting from fridgid Manchester,

Brian and my new pal, Bushoccio

1/15/04 - Thursday
Day 11... More interviews

For my part it has been a quiet day. I spoke with John this morning and he
had more interviews scheduled for today. John is in good hands with David
and Kyle and now Ilene Proctor and I think he is making a real impact in
NH and also around the country as he gets more and more media exposure.

John informed me that the Union Leader in Manchester (603.668.4321) and
the Concord Monitor (603.224.5301) said they would not report anything on
John's campaign so I called both papers to complain and gave these numbers
out to friends who did the same thing. So I include the phone numbers in
case anyone would like to call and complain about this lack of coverage.

I heard from a musician friend of mine in Boston that he is switching
parties to vote for John in the MA primary and he told me that John is on
the ballot. So I appeal to all musicians out there to get hip and vote for
John because he is going to win!!

1/14/04 - Wednesday
Day 10......My head is spinning

John's campaign is going faster than I can keep up with-things are happening
fast and if you can help John in any way, now is the time to do it!

John has been on 2 radio programs today: at 11:30 eastern time, he was on
BattleLine and then after that he was on Meria's show. And that was just 2
hours ago. Since then he will be on Clear Channel tonight; Ilene Proctor
has lined up 10 more interviews for him and next week he will be flown to
CT to speak there and get on the ballot in CT and also in NY.

If you heard John with Meria today then you know he is a great speaker.
When he called me a few minutes ago he was on the run and not knowing
shorthand I couldn't get all the details about the CT trip. Another reason
for that was a little bombshell he dropped on me: Are y'all sittin' down?
John is getting support via emails and phone from Washington insiders and
bureaucrats who claim that John is going to win and become the next
President. I am connecting this with whatever I missed about CT--in fact
I'm connecting it with all 50 states. That's just me but seeing this
whirlwind in person I can't be anything but optimistic.

I haven't read all the Move On info. that Meria sent but getting a crash
course in American politics and journalism up here in NH, I can tell you
that I trust very few people. The 2 people high at the top of my list are
John and Meria. Most others seem to have an agenda and I would count move
on.org in that number. And these phonies are easy to spot when you are
with someone as honest as John Buchanan. It is almost funny because they
are so damn obvious. This is one campaign that is 100% honest and only
exists for "us".

Bush and his neo-nazis are damn worried that Bush will lose NH so they are
sending McCain up here to throw a monkey wrench or a swastika or whatever
they use in their bag of dirt. As of now I color ALL politicians the same
whether they are D or R. They are all in it together and are getting very
worried. This is a people's campaign-only 10 days old but it is effective
and potent and honest enough for Washington bureaucrats and other insiders
to be choosing up sides. The next President of the United States will be
John Buchanan, the only true patriot on any ballot in any state. And if he
is not on the ballot in your state then write him in! Lincoln and
Jefferson would be proud; this is what we are supposed to do as citizens.
With John as president we will once again be able to hold our heads high
as we lead the whole world back to freedom and away from the grip of
fascism that once again has reared its' ugly head. Support John-he is the
ONLY choice!

1/13/04 _ Tuesday
Day 9....A Radio interview bullseye

John went to Concord today for the radio interview with the free-lance
reporter that he met last night so I got the day off and spent it
contacting other newspapers in NH. I couldn't get this radio program and
Manchester is only 17 miles from Concord--maybe it is because I live in a
basement apt. Or maybe it was the snow squalls and the minus temperatures
we are having. New England weather is no longer amusing to me. I miss good
old New Orleans in the winter.

Anyway, John is now getting some Republican support up here and Ilene
Proctor is working for the campaign as of yesterday and promises to get
national TV exposure. I have a lead on getting John an interview with Der
Speigel, the Bush hating German newspaper. John says he is anxious to talk
to them so I hope my German contact can arrange it. (Come on Ralf)

John says he is going to hop a cab to Applebees for dinner tonight. He
needs a home-cooked meal instead of eating out all the time so if he ever
gets some breathing space Terry is going to cook him a nice meal, and she
can really cook too.

That's all the new that's fit to print from Lake Cold-be-gone. But
everyone is happy and optimistic and John right on target and knows
exactly how to do this campaign. His radar is flawless.

1/12/04 - Monday
Day 8......Another home run!!!

John was on the "Power Hour" radio program this morning from 9-11am, I
believe. I called in about 9:15 and was told to call back in 15 minutes.
When I called back at 9:30 I was put on hold until almost 10:30. Since I
could not find the program on the radio I was able to hear in live on the
phone and I heard questions and comments from Mimi in NM, Jerry in VA and
Kyle but I don't know where he called from. John was batting a thousand
and told me David Kubiaks' whole personality has changed lol because David
thinks John knocked the ball out of the park-a perfect home run. I think
that question about the UN was answered very well by John even though the
radio moderator thought his answer indicated a red flag. I talked to John
about it this afternoon and we agreed that for better or worse, it is an
institution that we must work with and it certainly can be changed,
improved, made more effective. But John will use the UN.

I was not comfortable speaking on the radio and my anxiety got worse as I
waited an hour to do it but my question involved the grassroots campaign
and taking back the government for, of and by the people and I asked
whether John would put real people in his cabinet positions. Of course he
will because his campaign is all about "us". He agreed that Meria would
make a great VP and his whole idea is to bring real people to Washington
and have no more good ol' boys with their hands out. No more corporatism,
greed and corruption. No more insider, career politicians who are so ready
and willing to sell the country out to the highest bidder. John's vision
of America will become a reality as we take back the country and transform
it back into what the founding fathers had in mind. After O'Neil's outing
of Bush last night on 60 Minutes, it is beginning to seem possible, isn't

John has a local radio interview at 6 tonight and then is going out to
dinner with a free-lance reporter who is associated with Time magazine. He
wanted me to stress to you that this reporter is free-lance so it remains
to be seen if John will get printed in Time. Also for anyone living and
voting in Washington DC tomorrow, please get out and vote for John as a
write-in candidate.

We are off to Concord, NH tomorrow for another radio interview. Each
interview is taking John closer and closer to a shot on Leno or Letterman.
When that happens Bush can start packing up. If John gets a shot on either
of those shows then school is out for Bush and his merry band of fascists.
John has tremendous personality and is very smart, witty and funny. John
is instantly likeable and really comes off as the "Truth Candidate".

1/11/04 - Sunday
Day 7......Early morning speech

I drove John back to Bedford today and he did his 2 minute speech at 8:30
am. He got the most applause of all the candidates. Afterward we talked to
another "fringe" candidate named Richard Bosa who seems to resonate in the
same sphere as John and was the former mayor of Berlin, NH. Bosa is at war
with the NH media and at the meeting gave John the benefit of his
experience with the media and NH politics. So now John is doing a lot of
homework with the honest radio, TV and newspaper people that Bosa gave him
that will get him additional interviews and exposure in NH.

John decided not to stay any longer in Bedford and went back to the hotel
to work a bit on his new contacts. And then he wanted to get a little rest
as well since tomorrow will start a busy week.

1/10/04 - Saturday
Day 6...Success in Bedford

John's campaign is all about "us", the citizens and not about
politician-insiders. This is the switcheroo because "we" are going to be
the government of, for and by the people just as our founding fathers
wanted it to be. You make perfect sense as VP because there will be no
more good ol' boys network. All positions will be filled by citizens who
are the best at what they do and John doesn't care what party they are in
or even if they are independent, agnostic,gay, straight, are bald, wear
ponytails or whatever! As of last night I have a real feeling that what we
are doing is what is real, realistic and what Bush and ALL politicians who
play the game are doing, is fantasy-is not real anymore--not just because
they are corrupt rotten bastards but because "they" are not valid anymore.
This is hard to explain but it is like we finally are beginning to emerge
into a new age where the old has no choice but to give way to the new. And
without violence and revolution which was the old way.
The old ways are crumbling and the new birth has been painful and still
is painful. All I really have to do is admit that I can't understand all
of it and trust that this doesn't matter right now because it is
happening. Last week David was going to quit, John was going to go home
on Friday. When John asks me what I think he should do we wait and feel
it out and then go with the feeling. This is about not trying to control
but instead working with the energy that is directing the whole campaign
and the whole world right now. And I think that is why political insiders
just won't do until they come to the same realization. That's the best I
can explain it right now but I know that everyone who listens to your
show will understand. I send the updates because I want to keep the
channel open, to keep love and faith and hope flowing which will nourish
and propel the energy. Love is the key--how can Bush and any politician
understand that at this crucial point in time? Later for them but now for
the people-it is our time to pick up the ball.
1/9/04 - Friday
Day 5.......Spooky Friday

I'm working with John Buchanan's campaign here in New Hampster and I've
been giving daily reports to the radio station where I first learned of
him and to other people who have an interest in what is happening up here.
Buchanan is the Miami reporter who broke the story on the Bush-Nazi
connection, is involved with Ellen Mariani, the 9/11 widow who is suing
Bush and co.(papers were served at the White House 2 days ago); he's
becoming known as the "truth candidate", exposing the lies of 9/11,
exposing it as an inside job. At the very least, with the success he has
had in the past week, he is a catalyst for a big change in direction for
the other candidates who are now beginning to speak about 9/11. And the
Bush/Hitler comparisons now all over the internet are John's doing as
well. He is running as a republican to directly challenge Bush and if he
gets 10-15% of the vote in NH, the general consensus is that the
repulicans will drop Bush. He is courting the independent vote, figuring
that R's won't show up at the polls in large numbers. He is beginning to
get lots of attention with interviews for Time magazine as well as
national radio interviews. The campaign started out broke-he used his
rent money to take the train up here. He has been blacklisted by all his
former editors, called a traitor, the anti-Christ. He used to make a 6
figure salary but he made $250 on the bush/Nazi story because the only
paper to touch it was the NH Gazette, the oldest paper in the country. NY
times, ABC, NBC Miami Herald and all the rest of the fascist-controlled
rags won't touch the story. John is specifically going to bring the NY
Times to their knees. I heard him on the radio a few weeks ago and
volunteer to play at his rallies. My devoted band doesn't devote to well.
but John is planning a big party at the end of the month and we gonna
swing wid dat. If he does win, he will create a new cabinet position for
me--I'll be the first Secretary of Swing. I'm gonna fire the Marine
band-I'm so sick of march music up here I could throw up. The White house
will have a jazz policy--John is into it!! So that's it--keep your eye on
Buchanan because things be happening up here. As far as I'm concerned,
everything is a conspiracy until proven otherwise. My friend is Germany
thinks the EU is great but doesn't realize that Europe again was the
first to fall--we are slated to have an American Union in one year's
time. that's what FTAA and the other trade agreements are all about. When
this happens there will be no more constitution or bill of rights
here--they are almost gone anyway-but with one constitution for all the
Americas we'll have the same economic, social and political status as any
banana republic in South America. And fascists like Hitler and Bush don't
want jazz because it reminds them of the time when Americans were free to
think for themselves. A controlled and dumbed-down society is what they
want and what they have right now. The only way to stop them is with
people but people are now zombies who believe what the fascist media
tells them, so this is an uphill battle. But with 14 million + people out
of work I believe people will wake up--sooner than later, I hope. Those
jobs, now inculding white collars, are never coming back. Fascism is a
blend of corporatism and govt control of the media, which is what we
have. I along with other jazz musicians fought the KKK motherfucker,
David Duke when he was trying to be governor of Louisiana 10 years
ago--now jazz musicians are silent, at least up here. Everyone is too
damn silent. The country is gone, hijacked. This is the last and only
chance to get it back.

What started out as a snowball is quickly becoming an avalanche. At dinner
tonight John said, "this is going to sound spooky, but I have a feeling
that I'm going to get elected".

My day began with a very unexpected, interesting and exciting phone call
from Ellen Mariani who is a wonderful woman possessed of an iron will and
steely reserve who will NEVER give up in her quest for justice and truth
about 9/11. We talked about 2 hours about her case and her friendship and
support of John. If that wasn't enough I also got an email from a disabled
Gulf War vet who wanted to contribute $500 to John's campaign! This means
that the first contributor will add another $1000 to the campaign.

So I rushed down to the Convention center to give this news to John, who
had plenty of news himself. Requests for radio interviews are pouring in;
Time magazine wants an interview; Ellen Mariani has a slew of radio
interviews to do and will give this list to John. Speaking at the
Convention when I walked in was the NH Secy of State Gardener who was
giving sort of a history lesson on NH politics which is quite unique.
Among other interesting things, NH has a paper ballot system--every single
vote is counted and double checked by hand. Mr. Gardener is very active in
trying to convince other states to have a paper trail and not get involved
with Diebold. Unbeknownst to John, Mr. Gardner requested John's presence
on a nationally syndicated radio program next Thursday. John found out
about this after he spoke to Mr. Gardener this afternoon when he concluded
his speech. John is a model for what the NH primary stands for and he was
very honored to be asked to appear on the program with our
Secretary of State. An historical quote: "How goes NH, so goes the
nation". I try to be objective but hell, the Secretary of State didn't
ask Clark or Dean to be on this program with him.

I told John that his campaign is just too full of daily miracles for me to
try to figure any of this out. Little miracles happen all day long. John
ran into Sidney T. Harris at his hotel who will get him a veteran's
endorsement. Sidney is great and I had a wonderful talk with him although,
not being a sports fan, I didn't know who he was. John said he was a ball
player and Sidney told me he played for the Washington Redskins which I
thought was baseball but is actually football. I gotta get out more I
guess. I'm pathetic with sports-still can't figure out what a "down" is.
But I didn't talk sports with Sidney-we talked about racism, which I'm
more interested in.

Oh yeah, one more thing........don't EVER watch Fox news. They were
setting up their junk for tonight and John went over to see if they'd be
interested in talking to him and he received the coldest rejection and
putdown I ever heard. I went over there next and talked to another Fox
jerk and said I had John Buchanan over here willing to do an interview and
they said."no thanks, we're just filming live today, thank you!" Whatever
that means. They are rotten evil supporters of the OWO and kiss Bush's ass
every day. Tell the world that Fox news can go to hell!!!!!

But also tell the world that WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/8/04 - Thursday
Day 4… Reflection and renewal

As I mentioned, the campaign received $1000. And I've learned that the
donor promises another $1000 if we can raise $500 by next week.

All the staff has gone home but David will be coming back tomorrow from
Maine to arrange a debate (I'd prefer a duel) with the right-wing editor of
the Union Leader newspaper who did his best to snub John and also is
slamming the recent Bush-Hitler comparisons. The fascists are on the
attack up here-could they be worried about the truth actually coming out?

John has many interviews coming up including one with Pat Buchanan. John
does not consider himself a fringe candidate anymore. He is now out of the
fringe and into the fray. Last year John asked his higher power to lead
him to a ministry of some sort and although NH is not the rapture, he does
now feel confident that he's found his true calling, spreading the truth
to the people of NH and the nation.

Today I met John at Kinkos where he was wading through 1200 emails and
responding to requests for interviews. Afterward we went to dinner with
Terry who proposed a toast to the "Ministry of Truth". At dinner John
related a story about his time in Maine in 1976 when his good friend Janet
Bauer, when dying of cancer had a vision of John being elected president
someday. He told us that at the age of 26 he found this idea to be
preposterous but now, in reflection it seems quite prophetic.

John, who is the grandson of a Methodist minister, seems deeply spiritual
and often refers to a very old and careworn Bible that he keeps with him.
John has decided to just let go and not try to control things, being
content to trust that he will be guided and helped in what he is doing.
This has been very obvious to me since I first met John--he has enormous
faith and a belief in serendipity. Faith, a belief in miracles,
synchronicity and prayer are what this campaign is working on right now.
One day at a time-be open to all the surprises that will be coming. And
there is enough faith for John to envision and propose a celebration of
epic proportions after he has "upset Bush's apple cart". And I do believe
John knows how to parteeeee! John has been studying up on historic treason
trials, so this "apple cart" could not only involve Bush being drummed out
of office, but actually tried for treason.

As of now, we are still trying to line up a meeting with the Kucinich
staff. Tomorrow we are going back to the Convention Center and press the
flesh and spread the word.

1/7/04 - Wednesday
Day 3......A Home run!! Right outta the park!

He did it. John is the Babe Ruth of the fringe candidates-he leads the
pack with the most applause and almost a standing ovation. Not one of the
other 14 candidates could touch him. Everyone is happy including David. It
was a busy day and I was working the lobby and got into the ballroom just
in time to hear the last couple of minutes of John's speech where the
crowd of college kids were going wild. We weren't able to video the first
part but David got the film from someone else and now we have a record.

Then Kuncinich came in and we listened and John had a talk with him and
they are supposed to meet tomorrow when the rest of the major candidates
are going to be there. John says he'll just hang out at the hotel tomorrow
and work the crowd. After Kucinich we heard Ted Turner speak against
nuclear weapons and world hunger quoting from a book called "Plan B". John
met Turner in the men's room before he spoke and came out screaming into
the lobby saying:"I just pissed with Ted Turner!" . My friend Terry got
there about 5 just in time to hear Kucinich and she said Kucinich sounded
exactly like John when she first met him Monday night. John said he agreed
with everything Kucinich said. I'll find out tomorrow what their meeting
is about. I decided on an early night since I've been at this since this
morning. Adam left this morning for Florida and it is still up in the air
how long John and David, Kyle and Jack will stay. But it looks good and we
got the message out. I told John this morning after seeing the banner at
WTC that the world is ready for the truth and people are counting on him
and throw away the damn script, which he did.

And I told him to think "Jimmy Swaggart"--emote, yell, rant and rave. He
didn't go that far but if he had more time he could have stirred the
crowd into a frenzy. So I finally figured out my part in this--as a jazz
musician I don't use any kind of script, I find the fastest channel from
wherever the music comes from to my lips and fingers. So I told John to
just let it flow-don't think, don't worry about how it sounds or
organizing it-just blow your horn, man! And that's what he did.

1/6/04 – Tuesday
Day 2… from New Hampsta...

John is the Truth candidate so be prepared for some truth: Today was not
as good as yesterday. There were 14 candidates at the Concord Political
library. Nothing but politicians and journalists-I was the only civilian.
To make a long story short, John had a great 3 minutes prepared but when
all was said and done, he only devoted 28 seconds to 9/11. There was a
panel of 4 politicians, one of which was a jerk and seemed to want to pull
John's chain. so out of the blue, the first question was "do you think the
government has the obligation to address the problem of obesity in this

It was pretty much downhill from there. Personally I thought John did
fine but David says he blew his one chance to get the message out
because the message was 9/11 and even if the jerk asks a question about
obesity or organic fruit or the price of cumquats, you're supposed to
re-direct your answer back to the main message. John felt real bad about
it and I think David was going back to Maine tonight
but instead will stay because tomorrow is a big MTV event at the
convention center. You should understand that David operates without any
discernable ego--he cares only about the message. So we had dinner
tonight with the crew which now includes a film producer and also we
invited Jerry Dokker, another Pres. candidate(D) from Atlanta. Jerry
doesn't have a crew and was very impressed with John's support. I'm
impressed too because the only other candidate who had an entourage today
was Lyndon LaRouche.

At dinner I sat next to John and things were pretty good and lively. John
said he has one out of two now and has high hopes for tomorrow. I'm pretty
sure David will stay on at least through tomorrow. The first week is
crucial because John must get the exposure-if not then he says he will go
back to Miami. David is the most politically hip of anyone-he ran for
vice-pres. in NH last time and won 26,000 votes. He is from the '60's with
long ponytail and strong, honest convictions and ideals that are solid. He
never compromised or sold out like so many from my generation did. He is
just one of those guys you like immediately. He and John would make a good
team in the White House.

John asked C-Span when the show would be aired and they said as early as
tomorrow but it is best to check their website for exact times.

So, it was a little disappointing today but I learned that some people in
the media consider the 'fringe' candidates as a joke and want to screw
them up. But they all had something to say and were sincere. I hope you
are able to watch it--I don't have access to C-span so let me know what
you think and I'll relay it to John. Yesterday was nice because we were in
a nice big hotel ballroom with real people--today was a small hot room
with lights, cameras and pols and journalists. It didn't seem natural or
real to me so maybe that was part of the problem. Anyway, John is still
fighting and we'll get the message out tomorrow!

The Buchanan NH Campaign 2004
1/5/04 – Monday
Day 1...

The first day was very exciting and John is really "up" after delivering a
one hour speech at the Sheraton. He was followed by another fringe
candidate (D) who gave a short weak speech and then by Leiberman, at which
time we all walked out to meet with some contributors. Then back to hotel
in Manchester to do some brainstorming and prep for today's event which
will be recorded by C-Span. This is a 3 minute speech and it has been
honed and crafted to be very powerful and effective.

David Kubiak who is now John's campaign manager stands out as a brilliant man, passionate and
intensely devoted to the meaning of the campaign and knows that we must
build up a local track record in a short time before we can go national
and be taken serioiusly. David is the anchor and everyone in the group
respects his judgement. John keeps us laughing with his stories. Jack and
Adam are media specialists, quite young but very devoted and on top of
their game. I am the only novice but I am trying to
represent the views of what I think people want and need to know. People
were taking notes during yesterday's speech and they were surprised at
what John said and were anxious to question him. Very few in the audience
knew about PNAC. Educating people without shocking them and alienating
them is a very fine line but an uniformed public cannot make an
intelligent choice in the voting booth.

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