Saturday, February 14, 2004

Subject: [nh911] Valentine's Day......"It ain't over til it's over"

John has been back in Miami for over a week now and a lot has happened including his arrest by Miami police which was initiated from a complaint from an unknown source in New Hampshire. I'll refrain from discussing the legal ramifications but John did want me to tell you that when he was arrested in his bathrobe Monday night he was in the company of an illegal German alien who was fixing John's air conditioner and he stated that watching John being dragged out of his apartment in his bathrobe by two of Miami's finest (KGB), reminded him of Communist East Germany where people were routinely arrested and disappeared in the middle of the night, this being the prime reason he left Germany in the first place. Witnessing this behavior was extremely alarming because he didn't think these kinds of things could happen in America. As far as this writer is concerned, this is a politcal arrest and political harassment and intimidation by our KGB style of government.

John was in jail overnight and I first heard about the arrest from David Kubiak who at the time he called, did not have much information. Since making bail John has called three time speaking once to Terry and twice to me and also sending an email update which I will include in this letter.

John continues to work on the book and the article for Playboy, and among his supporters there is a consensus that using the book as John's primary campaign tool is the best strategy that he can employ. John's politcal arrest on what he feels to be trumped up charges seems to have struck fear into the hearts of some former supporters who are now deserting what they percieve to be a sinking ship and are putting their faith in the same old establishment bullshit, but as Terry just stated to me in a passionate and doggedly determined manner, "it ain't f***in' over til it's over!" Terry and I both agree that the truth will out.

Update -- good Friday the 13th!!!
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 22:37:37 -0500

The House Judiciary Committee called back, finally, and is “expediting” a Justice Department investigation. I was asked to detail my “complaint” in an open letter to the 37 members of the committee, from both parties.

In addition, the Florida Attorney General gave me detailed instructions on how to fight back, including a registered letter to Jeb Bush expressing my concerns over his “conflict of interest” (brother to the Godfather). Pretty cool insight/advice from a Bush bureaucrat…must be something in the air about this family…

Last, UPI (as of this afternoon) has assigned their national security reporter to the story – finally. He is doing background research now, will do first story early next week.

I also got a killer young attorney, a kid I introduced to the South Beach club scene 4 years ago when he entered UM Law School. He graduated at top of his class…”I’ve got your back,” he says (name is Daniel Silver). He is going to have me declared indigent for legal purposes…

All in all, a good day for justice and the American Way. My fear has diminished, and I am ready for battle.

Most important, John McConnell remains strong in his faith – and feels we should now announce the Citizens Party on March 20 at UN for Earth Day. I now agree. “This is just like the things I’ve seen so many times in my life,” he said (of my SS detention and subsequent arrest). Once again, his timeless wisdom has prevailed…turns out I’m not so “special” after all. A long line of mistreated predecessors…more to come under Bush, I’m sure.

Please keep sending good thoughts our way.

I am going to win, in the names of all of us. Just watch. I am going to fight them to the death – and it will be their demise (legally, peacefully and within Thomas Jefferson’s guidelines for aggressive dissent).

Next week I invoke my hole card – Nelson Mandela himself. That should take Bush and the boys by surprise, eh???


Saturday, February 07, 2004

Hi John,
This letter will find you safe and sound back home in Miami and free to work on the next phase of your campaign which I define as a welcome and much-needed attempt to enlighten people about the illusion that they define as reality because they are stuck in their fear and into what is programmed into their heads.

Your attempt to destroy the illusion is the main reason that you and Dick Bosa and others are blacklisted from the corporate, controlled media who have an interest along with the globalists, to keep the illusion going. People who are trapped in this illusion or prison, are called sheep, but with every speech you made and every conversation that you engaged in here in NH during your month's stay, you were able to weaken the illusion and helped to create part of the new reality that is destined to replace it because I can see very definite signs of the sheep waking up.

In this sheep analogy, I see you as the head "ram" who has just spoken to the flock of sheep, saying; "Do you know what I've discovered? I found out that when they take us away in the truck that we are not going on vacation or being relocated to another pasture-what they actually do is take us to a big factory, slit our throats, drain our blood and cut us up into little pieces which are put in packages and we are sold as lamb chops." Of course this in unbelievable to the other sheep and they say; "Are you crazy, are you stark raving mad? They wouldn't do that to us!!!" Some of the sheep are still in denial and maybe some of the sheep are complicit in the globalist, fascist scheme to a limited, myopic extent and tell you to shut up because they might have a financial interest in the killing factory or in the fleet of trucks used to transport the sheep. But these sheep will soon learn that they really are not a part of the global elite but are instead just pawns in the grand illusion.

There are many people today exposing the illusion and telling the truth but you have just lived through it so I think your book, based on your actual experiences in the NH primary where your efforts were being thwarted at every turn by the local republicans and the local press and TV, will go far in exposing the truth for the sheep and will stave off the wholesale slaughter that the fascists have planned.

I am glad that you made it home and are getting some rest and I look forward to hearing about your progress and ideas for the book, which I think will be a smash hit and will make it to the NY Times best-seller list. Your public enemy no. 1 will eat crow or maybe a ton of sheep dip.

Still freezing in NH, your friend,

Friday, February 06, 2004

After achieving success with the Republican side of the House Judiciary Committee who will, under the direction of Rob Johnson, deputy counsel and Thad Bingel, investigator, launch an investigation with the FBI, John is on the train bound for Miami. John will submit his report to the House Judiciary committee on Monday and will be in close contact with the progress of the investigation. Bingel has already called Sgt. Volz of the Balt-Wash airport police who was caught in a lie. He then apologized to John about how he treated him.

John's plan now is one I've been pushing for: he will get some rest on the beach and work on the book which he says will be his primary campaign tool as he drops out of the R party and forms a new 3rd party called the "Citizens Party".

He wants me to give everyone his heartfelt appreciation and thanks for all the support and love that you've shown him. He is leading a crusade to return this country back to its' rightful owners and after going through hell in NH and then Washington I think that Miami train is on the right track because as soon as he gets some rest he will sharpen his pencil and wage this campaign in the way he knows best. He is a writer, an artist, a truth-teller and a patriot and he knows the pain, fear, frustration and also the dreams of his fellow citizens and that is more than enough to motivate and inspire him to focus on his dream of ending the fascist nightmare and restoring the will and strength of the people. We are being lied to, murdered, victimized and intimidated into submission, and John says, "I am forming the Citizen's Party for we, the people and it will include all the people, all races, all genders, liberals, conservatives, gay people, straight people, left-handed people, veterans--I love them all and they are my strength and they and their forefathers made this country great and I'll be damned if I will let this country sink into the mire of elitist corporatism led by a bunch of soul-less and gut-less cowards who would not lift a finger to defend the US in any of the wars they started."

Light your candles--this is our country!!!!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Saturday, January 31
Day 27............The "Write" stuff

I talked to John twice today when he called me from his secret location on
the NH Seacoast. He is busy and I mean busy--I know him well enough now
to recognize when to leave him alone to focus on what he has to do.

He just called a few minutes ago and invited Terry and me to dinner
tomorrow where he will give me a copy of his book proposal. I don't
really know how an author works so it should be very interesting to see
John's outlines and ideas on the book.

It seems that he will be in Virginia, his home state, for the primary
there so I will be depending on Jerry to keep me posted on the Virginia

Not much else to report from here except that I am excited about John's
campaign and the idea of getting his message out through his journalistic
and writing skills because he has a unique ability to take everything in,
soak it up like a sponge, distill it and present it very clearly and
consisely with irrefutable facts and logic. The truth is rejected by the
NY Times, Miami Herald and all the 'republicrats' but I think the "Citizen
Truth Candidate" will be surprised at how much citizens will understand
now. Can I get an "Amen"?

Friday, January 30, 2004

Thursday, January 29
Day 25......."Imagine" and believe in miracles!

We've only just begun and John is the miracle man. After leaving Manchester yesterday morning and conferring with his core group on New Hampshire's Riviera, also known as the "Seacoast" area, John has renewed energy and enthusiasm and new ideas for the campaign that lies ahead.

John will drop out of the Republican party, where he never really belonged anyway, and is determined to form a new third party, independent of the the two "lesser evils" between which we are usually forced to choose. The ground swell for this new party will include very strong support from John McConnell, 88 year old American activist and national treasure and founder of Earth Day, as well as Darcy Richardson, former campaign manager for Eugene McCarthy, who is slated to be John's national campaign manager.
John has received scores of emails from all over the country, most notably from the Hennessey family in Texas, who claim no fondness for Bushoccio and who have pledged to organize for John in Dubya's home state.

John called me a few minutes ago and is asking that we all make it a point to visit www.vote-smart.org where you will find not only John listed as a candidate but you also can read the transcripts of his 9/11 speech and his "State of the Union" speech that was recorded here in NH on Jan. 26 and broadcast all over the state.

Last week, in a confidential memo that I wrote to John, I urged him to take a more unique approach to running and winning a national campaign by using the God-given talent that he has been blessed with. He is a journalist, a writer, a truth-seeker and a truth-teller. Do these words describe any of the other candidates or would the truth get in the way of their ambitions? These words describe none of the other candidates save Dennis Kucinich and I would urge him to take the same path that John is going to take and I'm sure John wouldn't mind me saying that. This literary path will involve John's writing articles for Playboy magazine and also a book for which he hopes to finalize a deal sometime in February with a trusted agent, Ian Klinert, with "The Literary Group" in New York.

Someone wrote or told John that I was disappointed in the turnout of the election as far as his campaign goes and I want to set the record straight right now that I was beside myself with happiness and pride for what John accomplished in 3 weeks with virtually no money and a small volunteer staff. I couldn't be more proud and happy--John is like the brother I never had and I was with him every step of the way and saw all the shit he went through to get his message out. I sent out an update 20 minutes after the polls closed telling everyone that John had already gotten 64 votes and if that was all he'd gotten I still would have been proud of him, but he got more than 10 times that amount. My only disappointment was with the stupid Republican voter sheep who threw their votes away on Democatic candidates--these votes didn't count in the election. There were thousands of useless votes that if they had gone to John, because he was a Republican would have put him over the top! And that is another reason to stay out of both of these fascist parties and become independent!

In the 60's there was an underground book circulating called "Fuck the System" with many tips on how to do it which I happily used. If you want to beat the system then you don't play by the system's rules because the bastards have rigged everything including all elections and have bought the media--I hope I'm preaching to the choir. The way to win for John is to expose the system, expose the lying rotten creeps who control and manipulate this country. John, the Bush/Nazi journalist and the 9/11 truth candidate will do just that in the way he knows best--telling and writing the truth. We can't compete with the millions and millions of dollars that Bush and the leading Dems have which is just to enable them to tell their lies to bigger audiences. But John can run a grassroots campaign which he hopes will grow, and he can get a book out before the election in November, based on his experiences here in NH and his experience as a journalist that will, as he says, "let all hell break loose". That's what it will take to fuck the system and I stand by my original title that I submitted to John for this book : "How I will win the Presidency in November". ........Imagine that!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

January 28, 2004
Day 24 Let the Frog March Begin...

"Frog march" is John's term but I like it and it describes what John and
Mayor Bosa are going to do now. This team is going to be unbeatable-they
are going to be working in the people's interests to frog march the
bastards back to Texas or whatever rat hole they crawled out from.

John and I are kindred spirits and I recognized that from hearing him for
just 5 minutes on Meria Heller's program back in October, I believe. I am
aloof and keep to myself most of the time but when I see someone like John
whose spirit is glowing with passion and fire, I am drawn to this person
and offer whatever help I can offer. John is focused and so am I and we
are both maniacs for causes and our respective passions in life. If I
asked John to play saxophone for a gig with me next week, he'd learn sax
but by next week he would know that in the best interests of my band he
would have to find me a good sax player like Ralf, in Germany, or Wayne
here in NH.

And now it is the same for me--I have to let John go on to fullfill his
destiny. I am sad because I have loved being with John for these 3 weeks
but he must go on to work with professionals in his field, people who will
help him take back our country, bring the criminals to justice for their
crimes against the people of the United States and their crimes against
humanity, worldwide. This is going to be the hardest job anyone has ever
done and in my language, I don't have the "chops". John needs lawyers,
honest senators, mayors, and people who know how to get things done--know
how the system works and will help John in his 'campaign' whether it leads
to the Presidency or to the end of the fascism we are now living under.
Make no mistake--NH was fixed in Dixville Notch--those people are the
poorest in the state and they vote for Bush---explain that one!!!!!!

I am sure John and Mayor Bosa will keep me informed because my biggest
pleasure now is informing other kindred spirits around the nation and
around the world of the work that is now being done in our name, until it
is finished and we have re-claimed our country
Tuesday, January 27
Day 23 Edging toward 600

My one useful TV channel that I get here without cable is just having the
usual pundit BS chat about how wonderful it is that Kerry won Iowa and NH.
ONly once did they put all 37 candidates on the screen and they did it in
what seemed to be a pained way as the newsjerk rolled his eyes. So I got
some other news from a yahoo site that seems to have quit updating
anything at 10:06pm and it won't refresh anything so my sources appear to
be tapped out for now. John is still downtown in the center of the action
and it is very hard to get him on the cell phone in that "electric"
atmosphere. Maybe I'll hear something from John soon and I'll get this
information to you. I know he has gotten more that the 588 votes that I
reported on earlier but I can't find out anything at this point.

Just talked to John who is still downtown and he wanted me to send this
out: As of now John is 2nd as Rep. Candidate under Bush. John as of this
minute 10:09pm. has 588 votes. He is excited and happy that his message is
getting out. 89 precincts have still not yet been counted and he needs a
10% vote to get a delegate.
Monday, January 26, 2004
Day 22.........Send Bush to Mars and Buchanan to the White House

After listening to John on Meria's show this morning where he announced
that his Vice President will be Meria Heller, I found out that John is
going to continue the fight if he has to be a third party candidate. I
think after tomorrow he will confer with John McConnell, the 88 y.o.
"Earth Day" founder who drafted him and also with Darcy Richardson, former
Eugene McCarthy campaign manager, and they will come up with a plan for
the future.

John came over to my apt. and I got in his old Honda with the heater and
we drove about a half mile and this thing started smoking and choking and
going into an automotive death rattle. Just before it gasped its' last
breath we pulled into a gas station where we let it die in peace. We were
going to call a cab but instead talked to a man who was pumping gas into
his car and John offered him some money if he would take us downtown to
the Holiday Inn where Radio Row was in progress and John was scheduled to
be interviewed. So we made the affair in time and then began the long
waiting process where John was interviewed by TV, radio and print news
people. In the actual Radio Row, which was just a small room, were the
Governor of NH, Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, John McCain, Pataki and the
rest of the Republican big guns who were up here to support the "unopposed

Standing in the lobby next to Radio Row we waited and waited and then
Hannity passed by and John and he had a few words leading up to the climax
where John called him a traitor to the Constitution. And to this Hannity
replied in a wimpy, weak voice, "you're rude". Not "you're wrong"! but
'You're rude". I almost fell down laughing at this little twit.

So it was getting to be close to 3:00 and John had a live radio show
scheduled for a radio station that covers MA and Rhode Island with 50,000
listeners in that area and also somehow is picked up by 80
countries--don't ask me how-ain't technology grand? This interview was
live with a call -in audience who were asking some tough questions which
John enjoyed answering and it must have gone on for 45 minutes. He did the
interview in a quiet part of the hotel and we sat with 3 technicians who
were doing some patching or something for NBC. They were interested in
what John was saying and I had a lot of fun kidding around with them. Our
governor, Craig Benson, (R) wandered down to our quiet end of the lobby
with his 2 body guards in seach of the MEN's room but when John saw him
and was still on the phone, he confronted the governor with phone in one
had and little tape recorder in the other and tried to ask him a question
for the listening audience - I couldn't hear what gov said but John ended
up calling him a traitor. As Gov rounded to corner to go down the corridor
to where the MEN's room was he must have been a little shaken and started
into the LADIE'S room whereupon his body guards re-directed him. Another
magical moment for me as I watched this scene--John missed it but it was funny.

If Bush is unopposed it seems very strange to see all these nervous Repug
politicians and there media stooges who all seem to know who John is. John
met Chris Matthews in the lobby and Matthews seemed to be the only fair
journalist there because he said he believed that John has as much right
to run as anyone else and so we liked him. And even he knew who John was
right away. So these Republicans and media are pretending that John
doesn't exist but they are walking into ladies rooms, bumping into walls,
getting nervous and flustered by John's presence, which leads me to the
next part of the story:

the people's airwaves--it belongs to the fascists only, who have the power
of life and death, truth and lies........Obviously John was pissed off
because we had been waiting for 3 hours and they were going to put McCain
on who just pranced in with his entourage. Well, John announced that he
was going to wait right there and interview McCain and get to the bottom
of things. So they called the hotel security, John was on the phone to
David Kubiak, I believe, asking his opinion on what to do and saying he
was prepared to go to jail over this. Another fascist moment where I found
out that "we the people" have absolutely no rights at all. We have no
rights to express our opinions on radio or TV unless they conform to the
party line and it seems the fascists have every right to keep anyone they
don't like from speaking the truth on what used to
be the public airwaves.

So we walked downstairs and who did we meet coming upstairs? Little big
man himself, Sen. McCain and John, ever-ready with his tape recorder,
asked this paragon of truth and virtue why he was in NH for Bush when he
had just said that he was embarrassed at Bush's State of the Union
address. McCain said, "I didn't say that". Or words to that effect--John
has it on tape.

After that we went to the bar and had a drink and a pizza and talked to
the people at the bar who seemed very open to what John was saying.

Terry picked us up and we were going to go home and have some of Terry's
red beans and rice (I lived in New Orleans for years so I added this and
grits to her culinary repertoire) BUT on the way John had a call from
Richard Bosa who had something else in mind for John tonight so we dropped
Terry off and I drove John to the hotel and returned home. John is dead
tired and just wants to sleep. But he seemed to feel an obligation to Bosa
to follow through. So he missed another of Terry's meals but at least we
had some pizza.

As you heard John say this morning on Meria's show, he declined the offer
to go into seclusion and is staying in town but he told me tonight he
wished he had gone to the country where he could rest.

If we win tomorrow I hope we can get some organization in the rest of the
states--I'm sure not worried about Arizona or New Mexico because Mimi and
Meria are in those states but we gotta get some more help when we get to
MA and other places. John is not going to quit even if he becomes third
party. From the people we talked to around here I think John has a damn
good chance because NH people are independent thinkers and voters. Maybe
people are waking up.....? I hope so.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Sunday, January 25
Day 21......As I see it

This campaign is taking a big toll on everyone who is involved in it,
especially Terry, whose medical problems are now exacerbated and she is in
great pain. She's had 2 operations since I've known her in the past year
and a half which have been attempts to keep her out of a wheel chair.
Terry fights hard but is in great pain and cannot sleep.

She and I talk about the fact that the campaign is not focused or
directed. To be effective the campaign should be professionally managed
and all activites, meetings, media interviews and campaign appearances
should be screened and organized to get the most out of them. But we have
not had the money and this is grassroots all the way. John's message as
the Bush/Nazi candidate, the 9/11 truth candidate, the anti-globalist,
anti-corporatist, and the candidate speaking against the censorship of the
media and the candidate speaking against the great losses of jobs, is
getting lost and things are becoming fragmented because there is no one to
truly step up to the plate who has the professional know-how to run this
campaign for maximum effectiveness and will stay with John everyday to
just allow him to speak. There are 2 days left here in NH and John has
done a good TV speech for Monday; he has the bravest and most sincere
patriotism that I've ever seen but I don't know if this is enough
to be effective in a controlled, fascist society that we have now. John
has accomplished more than anyone could believe but his voice has not
been heard as far as it should be.

Everything I've written about John and this campaign has been honest and
sincere and I started this with him as a novice, with absolutely no
political experience but at the end of the campaign I can see now that
lack of money, lack of guidance and direction and the fact that John has
to do everything by himself without a big pro staff like the Dems have is
going to take its' toll. I believe the voters of NH have an idea of what
John stands for because ot the many radio interviews but I don't know how
they will vote--we still raise sheep up here in NH, just like the other 49
states do.

I see John's campaign as a last ditch effort by a grassroots candidate to
re-claim the country for 'we the people'. If the people of NH do not
support these valiant efforts at the polls then God help this country
because no one will ever step up to do this again for us. If you are a
professional in politics, journalism, management, public relations etc and
you think you can help John in these final hours, then fly up to NH and
let us try to restore the honor and dignity of this country before it is
too late and the constitution becomes a relic of the past.

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